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Boys wearing jeans, with shoes what skills?
In fact, for boys wearing, especially jordan 12 in winter, the frequency of wearing jeans is the highest, so a lot of collocation is to be carried out on the basis of jeans. First of all, a problem is with what shoes, so as to make modeling more coordinated.

1 desert boots

Desert boots are very take jeans, first of all its brown tone and blue line of jeans is very coordinated. And version of three-dimensional boots do not pick the body, height fat and thin boys can control, and can wear four seasons, and some vamp will texture, dizzy, etc., very style.

2 white shoes

Small white shoes is absolutely a single product, whether for girls or boys. Simple design of white shoes and jeans with, is also very textured, very clean cheap jordan shoes fresh school seniors feel. And small white shoes style is very much, so that the style is also different.

3 canvas shoes / jogging shoes

These are biased in favor of casual shoes, wearing light and comfortable. If the legs are relatively thin boy wearing canvas shoes look good, jogging shoes are relatively speaking, wearing a very broad crowd, how much a little thick and slightly increased effect.

4 Bullock shoes

This shoe with a yuppie British atmosphere, put on to make the image more gentleman, but with the jeans with a little more casual means. The biggest feature of this shoe carved carved vamp, if the hot weather can choose short help, like now into the autumn and winter, naturally, to wear high to help come, jordan 11 it is still leg length it.

5 Derby shoes

cheap jordans for sale This paragraph is similar to the style above, but more formal, wear temperament will be more mature. There are velvet vamp material, it is harder to control them, but there are many glossy Derby shoes texture, style instantly improved.

In fact, boys choose a lot of shoes, and many are equipped with jeans, jeans, if you always feel too dull, it is better to change the shoes to match, so styling rich new ideas.