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Boys with different types of shoes with
It seems that the impression of the boys shoes to stay in the monotony of the sports shoes, and now the exquisite degree of boys can be no less than girls Oh!

Chelsea boots

retro jordans Chelsea boots is a good choice, its biggest feature is the simple lines, smooth shoes, the side of the elastic band is very easy to wear off, low-key feeling very wild, basically not a good boots, you can control all kinds of style. Just the length of the set, a slight sense of color to give the taste of retro shoes, no decoration, simple is the atmosphere, a good control of a shoe.

Martin boots + jeans + white T

Martin boots with the original mad feeling, but also Europe and the United States Street shooting in the common figure, it can easily bring out your male spirit, Martin boots and jeans with the basic formula is not missed, otaku jordan 10 who can learn!

Cowboy fashion and Martin boots meet, and then fit. Superb washing process to create a whitening effect, creating a retro atmosphere, the design of small feet pants keep up with fashion trends, upper body effect was thin, modify your leg lines.

Speaking of wild, of course, ultimately, T shirt figure, with a soft fabric, skin-friendly degree, the design of the sleeve sleeve to the simple version of the type of sub-modeling sense, solid color jordan 7 is the classic show, Will be a color out of a shirt.

Suit pants

Suit pants and shoes meet, is the charm of high-end business men, selected fabrics given a high-quality drape, the center of the pleating treatment, so that the upper body is more generous, nine pants design is very pleasing, upper body Trendy and elegant.