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Cheongsam with what shoes look good?
jordans for cheap Cheongsam has a traditional subtle beauty, but there is no lack of sexy Oh, short cheongsam is such a single product. So short cheongsam with what kind of shoes will look better?

Fine heels

Why should choose fine with high heels, because I want you to do a woman in a woman. Cheongsam you should know that it is very charming. High heels is also an elegant Unfortunately, he was a step away from the sexy, only fine with high heels is sexy in the domineering. retro jordans for sale If you take this together, then you go to cheap jordans for sale work will be a bit contrived, you can participate in activities such as party programs wear is also excellent.

Lazy shoes

Lazy shoes are divided into a variety of: one is flat shoes and some loose shoes. We try to choose flat lazy shoes to match with a Fan. Too high with the existing rustic, after all, more traditional cheongsam clothing, a little attention will be out of cheap jordans for sale the ocean. With lazy shoes you can wear a tight pants inside the short cheongsam, so that the overall sense of a layer out of friends.

Old Beijing shoes

This match will be a lot of people surprise it. Yes, you are not wrong is the shoes, whether you tall or short can try this kind of strange with the premise you must have gas field temperament. Wear such a taste of clothing you have to spend some small makeup, such as your lips must be bright color will look you feel very spirit, not the slightest sense of decadence.

Cheongsam is very classical, can wear your temperament, beautiful women try it!