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Chiffon dress with shoes you have learned it?
Chiffon Sling Dress + Sports Shoes

No matter what a single product, with sports shoes is high street sportchic, wide leg pants, skirt or a variety of dresses, long skirts, and can be put up with sports shoes. BUT, for our ordinary people, or else to follow, the key is not enough to see our legs is not long enough, enough not enough fine, especially with a short skirt, the legs are not good enough to wear sports shoes, is simply a word (for death) But the legs of the stars to wear it very feel.

Chiffon harness dress + sandals

Legs are not long enough and fine can cool to wear a large area of the back of air jordan the mouth of the sandals or pointed flat shoes, exposed feet into a part of the leg line, minutes up Oh, the Department of small scarves are also very fashionable it

Chiffon harness dress + casual shoes

With a chiffon sling dress with the same color of a pedal, casual and comfortable, do not want to wear pointed shoes too girls, you can choose a pedal, canvas shoes, music shoes to try Oh, pay attention to the color not too much, and skirt Echo more legs long.

Chiffon harness dress + lace shoes

Lace shoes have been exhausted, legs and legs of the dry bamboo cool, it is recommended to choose the lace in the ankle position of the style, to reduce the leg line segmentation, cheap jordan shoes so that the entire leg line more slender. Legs long and thin and leg-shaped good mushroom cool can wear, lace to the thigh can be.

jordan 13 Chiffon One Piece With Shoes Style 1: Flat Sandals

Beautiful summer, of course, to wear flat sandals, and in particular this simple word with sandals sandals, refreshing and significant legs long, can not grasp the scale of the mushrooms, you can start from the whole white, all black, Single product with the start, these basic colors easier to control.

Style 2: lace shoes

Lace shoes have no need to say the heat, whether it is flat-bottomed lace shoes retro jordans for sale or high-heeled shoes, with chiffon dress is very soft, sweet girls try quickly, or choose lace sandals, more suitable in the summer, cool sexy Want to type on the selection of straps, but only suitable for high-yielding figure good good clothes try to cool.