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Clothing with classroom shoes to determine the overall style
The basic section of the sweater + yarn skirt, with a pair of ballet shoes on the left, not to say that this does not look good, but it is a bit common; and the right with a pair of ballet shoes, tie shoes is popular for the past two years, Of the clothes, add a pair of popular elements of the shoes, the overall mix will appear more fashion, more chic.

Essential shoes one: Rome strap shoes

retro jordans for sale This is a band of shoes with a thigh to the thighs are short, thick legs do not try the thigh models, bright blind friends. Rome tie shoes + skirt | primer shirt + shorts | jeans | wide leg pants are no problem. Rome, Rome, this shoe gives us an elegant, retro feeling, take the natural style of people is very suitable.

Essential shoes two: small white shoes

Small white shoes almost all the basic models can be used, but need to pay attention to the color with, do not step on the color minefield on the line, if that small white shoes easy to dirty, you can choose Ma Caron shoes, say now Small white shoes are also popular "dirty" section, there is a sense of retro. Small white shoes and stockings with jordan 13 the socks with the color that has issued a special article before, in this wordless, restorative artifact Oh.

Wide leg jeans, or to reveal the foot ring is better, the figure on the left one seems a bit short, three figure T shirt roll sleeves summer to remember to use.

Essential shoes three

Do not like to wear sandals cheap jordans for sale to reveal the toes? You can choose Le Fu shoes, but came to the summer, do not choose dark, and boldly choose a little color or a pattern of it! Flat head design feel casual with the sex, while the tip is more feminine. The same basic models can also be accompanied by Le Fu shoes, small white shoes, music shoes, tie shoes, three days have three styles.

Lace skirt with, we can be replaced by T-shirt + skirt lace dress, as elegant, have to say that the frequency of the emergence of a very high, and with all kinds of shoes with a very harmonious. Lok Fu shoes + base models | dress skirt | Siamese pants, compared with the shoes in front, Le Fu shoes can also be integrated into the workplace.