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Cute people love the beautiful tie shoes, how to wear temperament and show legs long
Wearing a pair of shoes, whether it is with the taste of the lattice of nine pants, slits irregular dress, or cheongsam and leather skirt, can be concave very beautiful shape.

And so beautiful shoes, but some people worry that they do not have long legs and far to wait and see. In fact, find out the routine, petite sister can also wear shoes with temperament piercing the long legs of the look cheap jordans online sense.

To the summer when the exposed legs, even if the simple shoes, coupled with the banding elements, free to the feet winding, beautiful temperament, walking in the street, with a high retention rate.

Flat knot shoes

First of all to say, of course, is the degree of comfort and flat shoes almost the same flat shoes, but compared to the general flat shoes, strap shoes, but the value of several degrees to a high degree. Free from the wardrobe to pick a pair of jeans, dress or half skirt, can make you wild jordan sneakers look good. Single shoes gives the feeling or as always elegant romantic, soft feminine atmosphere. In addition to single shoes, flat knot sandals is also a summer to create fashion look tool.

2. thick with strap shoes

If you are more petite, new jordans want to look more tall, but do not hold high-heeled sister paper, you can try this rough with tie shoes. Compared to Ping He, the moment grew a few centimeters, and compared to the same walking slope with the comfort, but it does not have its bulky feeling. For daily travel, and even play around the weekend to take pictures, are very convenient.

High-heeled shoes

Compared to the flat and comfortable and rough with the thoughtful, high-heeled strap shoes to a little more sexy, temptation and charm.

Fisherman tied shoes

With the popularity of sports shoes in the fashion circle, more and more people are concerned about the high value of shoes at the same time, but also pay attention to the comfort of shoes. In recent years, hot grass fisherman shoes, coupled with elements of the tie, not only the United States people bubbling, comfort is also reassuring.

jordans for cheap Grass tied shoes, easy to think of summer vacation resort seaside, with all kinds of dress or jeans, plus straw hat, more match Oh.

If the color side with little good at, or afraid to fall into the choice of phobia, then the black is definitely worth starting. Wild black, elegant and generous, not falling fashion. For the choice of black tie shoes, the preferred sheepskin texture, there are glossy shoes. Followed by matte texture of the black banding shoes, especially in the choice of complex straps, black to better match, not because there is no suitable clothes and spend money to buy new clothes annoying.

The straps are usually knotted at the ankle or calf, and the focus of the person's attention is drawn to the knot. Nude color and neutral color and skin close to the legs for the muscles of the sister paper, this type of color banded shoes to be more suitable than other colors.

Election on the shoe type, the election of the color, the election of the match, Jiao Mei sister paper can easily control the tie shoes. Shoes king in the high value of the family, this summer do not miss, wear your strap shoes, come show your beautiful temperament and long legs it