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Daily shoes, these shoes are really good to wear and look good
Nude-colored shoes are also very white, many yellow-skin sister can look at the nude-colored shoes wearing method, combined with their daily jordan 13 wear, you can upgrade your clothing!

air jordans for sale Look1: Nude color series

Nude color is also a kind of color that the fairy is super loved. With a veil or a pleated skirt, it can well reflect the fair lady's temperament. The comparison between the two is more obvious. Deep nude color shoes are more suitable for the blue line of jeans, while the lace nude color wedge shoes are more suitable for the ladies' jordan 1 floral series of long skirts. Fairies can choose according to their own style.

Look2: Rhinestone Decoration Series

The decoration of the Breninger Spirit, a rhinestone, is also a favorite decoration of the sisters. It can attract people's attention and can also bring out the star-like sparkling temperament. The rhinestone-decorated shoes are the love of sisters! When the sun is strong, Bringing Spirit's flash can be. High-heeled and then put on straight leg straight pants, is simply perfect, minute long legs modified to come!

This black line is also the same collocation method, it can be seen that the effect is indeed very obvious. Pants used high waist pants, it is more effective! The rhinestone-embroidered yellow high-heeled shoes are paired with an English plaid skirt and are more European-European style. With the textile hand bag, the unique style of dress is more texture.

Look3: Leisure Series

Speaking of shoes, how can there be less sports shoes? They are the wild little talents in the outfit. Let's take a look!

Wearing or daily wear is very light and comfortable, walking with wind yet. It not only balances comfort but also enhances aesthetics. Of course, the casual series jordan 11 can't be missed with canvas shoes. It is the most frequently worn shoes in daily life. Whether it is with long skirts, long coats, or with a short line of clothes, can show the vitality of youth, and the campus student style.

This style is one of the classic canvas shoes, with simple summer trend hot pants and short-sleeved T-shirt, you can go out of the street!

how about it? Today's outfit knowledge, have you got it?