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Do you know how to clean white shoes do not change it?

Everyone loves small white shoes, it is good to take a good ride, but the white shoes are too easy to dirty, long also particularly easy to turn yellow, and sometimes after washing there are yellow prints, not before white, watching People really worry, then how do we keep it clean white, how to clean as much as possible to maintain its original color? Many people know that when washing with small white shoes with toothpaste jordans for sale is much better than ordinary detergent, many people have tried the exact effect is still good. Breathable leather small white shoes is still relatively good to take care of some, with casual jeans or skirt and the like is very fashionable. The edge of the shoes part of the most difficult to take care of this problem I believe we all know, not only easy to dirty and wash a long time also easy to yellow, this time dipped in Vaseline oil to clean the edge of the shoe is very effective, especially in this material is selected head Layer of leather shoes is needed to take care of.

Sometimes when we wear a small white shoes when the attitude of careful care or when they are accidentally stained, and sometimes difficult to clean the stains, you can know that with alcohol-filled dough to remove those stubborn stains are quite good Used, like this classic style of small white shoes are no longer afraid of gray. Cortex or pu material small white shoes in the cleaning in the water by adding a few drops of white vinegar can soften the material so clean up will be more clean, this first layer of leather material wearing comfortable, pearl decoration is bright spot, cleaning attention Some way will make your little white shoes still beautiful. Canvas fabric shoes should be the most extensive, and comfortable and breathable and wearing soft and comfortable, almost everyone a pair, but it is jordan 13 retro jordans also the most difficult to care, accidentally is the more wash the more yellow. At this time should choose transparent soap, Xiao Bian personally tried very good to make the newspaper on the white paper was found after the opportunity and the new same. Good clothing is the need to care, some people wear a few years or a very new clothes, which in addition to the quality of clothing itself is a good care habits, a small detail can expose your attitude to life.