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English wind little shoes to wear what socks look good

To talk about shoes, casual shoes, it must be said that the British wind small shoes, which is very nice, there is the feeling of the Republic of China, England style shoes have what style? What kind of socks do you look like? Pointed flat shoes. High-quality rubbing leather, toe and heel and a layer of a touch of gray, from the visual effects to create a strong retro style. The use of waxing treatment of high-quality strap, strong wear-resistant, exquisite to carry the decoration, an increase of the flexibility of the shoes, the use of Italian hand-sewn sewing, fine workmanship.

Round small shoes. Toe full of retro temperament, but also has a streamlined beauty modified foot type, selection of high-grade cotton and linen material round rope tie. Strengthen the appearance of thin and beautiful, to enhance the comfort on the feet. Ultra-fine fiber reinforced pu leather, with excellent benefits of wear resistance, hand on-line process highlights the quality. Leather tassel shoes. British Fan children retro tide full of gas field, the use of gradient color retro fabric, the taste of retro shoes to the climax of interpretation. Tassels and butterflies with, you can make the retro and the free and easy to let people forget. Wear-resistant rubber, elegant wave line, leaves of the end of the flower, nice fashion! Rough with tassel shoes. Brazil imported soft surface material, leather real, very comfortable and breathable, full of tension and flexibility. Vamp tassel with butterfly full of vitality, highlight the trend Fan. Comfortable rough with the design, emitting a remarkable fashion attitude. High-quality wear-resistant natural rubber outsole, non-slip wear.

Tassel music shoes. Quality first layer of leather, comfortable and breathable, with lace design, wear off convenient, comfortable walking. Natural resin made of rubber outsole, with a strong anti-slip daughter-in-law ability, inside the use of comfortable breathable inside, with sweat effect, the ideal round shape, flat wearing super comfortable. Bullock flat shoes. Playful combination of fashionable elements, shoes, reasonable stitching design, highlighting the fashion and the trend. Comfortable material production, upper stitching on a reasonable design. Natural tendon at the end of a smooth and comfortable, soft high-elastic, good wear wear, anti-skid first class. 4cm thick bottom comfortable increase, stovepipe lines. Bloch thick bottom shoes. The color is very positive, the whole gives full vitality. Free to bend without pressure, flexible, non-slip wear. Will breathe the high-quality ultra-fine, soft and delicate high-quality fabrics. Super soft pad feet, shock absorption sweat anti-skid, ultra-thick stereotypes loose cake at the end, wearing never deformation, natural hemp rope highlights texture.

Pointed thick shoes. High quality leather, delicate texture, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, the best texture and nice. With a strong breathability, coupled with exquisite workmanship, so that your feet get the best to relax, classic pointed, soft curvature of ease, highlight the British Fan Fan jordan 13 ancient wind, invisible increase is simply too praise. Metal buckle shoes. Shoes ultra-stylish Han Fan children, shoe body material imported from South Korea material, the use of sets of feet closed, wear off are very convenient, one at the end of rubber molding, high and not heavy super light is not tired feet. With jeans wide leg pants shorts and other pants or skirt can be, casual wild.