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Fall with these shoes with easy to wear out the goddess Fan
Autumn is a gathering place for fashion, in the fall of many different styles can be a good interpretation, whether you like the winter of the prelude or summer tail may be presented in the fall. The corresponding everyone in the choice of shoes will also find the choice of the range is very wide.

Fight color Harajuku sports shoes

The shape of the shoes is the classic shape of the sneakers, but joined by the shiny material made of small flower shape modified on the upper, this flat bottom with a small white shoes with trouble, with skirt fresh sweet, With pants cheap jordans for sale casual fashion, the summer has been a lot of girls to wear it, but it is more timely to wear it in autumn to be a little girl of the wind.

buy jordans Matte air jordan leather Martin boots

If the retro art of the British Academy of the atmosphere of the atmosphere, the brown Oxford shoes is also essential to the first line, the atmosphere of low-key color and jordan 12 classic shape, after a time of the test, and a variety of lattice element is a perfect match. The overall color of the shoes is brown tones, low tone darkness, highlighting the feeling of retro and elegant, the shoes of some sophisticated traces, modified on the shoe body above.

Retro floral boots

Retro trend - like to be different, this life you beg your dazzling moment! Do not like to show up but do not want to drown in the crowd you! Do not always care about their own dress but want to wear the different you! Shoes are used exquisite sheep skin, flower embellishment not only feel comfortable and natural, visual is also very nice, not exaggerated. It is full of rich family name of the wind,

Flowers flat shoes

Bright and beautiful square diamond decoration, for the low-key modern shape add a ray of exquisite also rich the upper shape, showing a low-key luxury, exudes a stylish gas field pointed shoes, delicate and meticulous, elegant temperament, Other models can not match the advantages of the foot looks more slender, cleverly elongated height, coupled with exquisite shiny diamond, absolutely let your goddess full.