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Fashion fine street shot new darling, wearing slippers concave shape
The temperature soared, the feet do not want to be bored in the canvas shoes, it is time to wear double slippers out through breathable friends. Today, summer slippers have become fashionable fashion single product, there are many bloggers are wearing stars to shoot it, that we do not outdated, hurry to double slippers to catch up with their fashion myself. Haha, lazy little girl has been happy jumping tap, wear off the convenience, save trouble children.

flip flop

U the main material, feel soft and delicate, comfortable not grinding feet. The upper embellishment bulingbuling above the diamond, you can imagine the kind of sparkling sunshine that beautiful thing, do not forget to figure a nail polish, the effect is more praise. Rubber soles, soft and tough, made a concavity of the shading design, rainy jordans on sale days are not afraid to play slippery friends.

Just a pair of too flash, that a little bit of this little flash it, low-key so little. H-type upper, embellishment diamond, low-key but no lack of dazzling. Sheepskin insole, feet soft and comfortable, moisture perspiration, do not worry will be damp sweat friends. Flexible rubber outsole, resistant to twists and turns, made jordan 10 a delicate shading design, anti-skid wear-resistant to da da.

This pair of slippers on a little modern hurry, it is suitable for concave shape when wearing. The upper embellishment of the metal color of the buckle, the feet seem more texture. Insole made thicker latex treatment, feet soft, long gone not tired. The design of the bright spot is that the small grain with the side, 5cm height, and instantly stretched the proportion of the legs, looks a lot of high, but also hidden a bit retro feel yo.

cheap jordans for sale And before Amway's pair of styles, is still h-shaped upper, but did not do the decorative embellishment, more simple and generous. Sheepskin insole, soft and comfortable feet, moisture perspiration, do not worry about the soles of the feet will be dumb sweat friends. Flexible rubber outsole, anti-skid wear resistance twists and turns, made a concavity after the shading, wet slippery road is not afraid of slipping friends.

Well, it's a pair of slippers. Fluffy vamps, fluffy soft waxy, comfortable feet it is inevitable friends. shoe. Plush velvet on the upper embroidery design, a bit more playful, retro jordans for sale it seems a lot of personality. Composite rubber upper, soft and comfortable, with a certain resilience, long gone not tired. The focus is the thick soles, you can increase a little bit, for a small girl, this little bit very important.