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Fashion shoes, let you choose, learn it?

Striped shirt with black wide leg pants, a very casual with a bow design to make this wide leg pants full of sweet and lovely girl style. What kind of shoes is best suited for this kind of match? Nature is a pedal shoe, it is simple and generous design, free to mix with your heart, a pair of foot pedal shoes, stylish charm temperament wild.


Ins is a pair of sports Hong Kong running shoes on the fire, green is full of youthful vitality, breathable design of the foot, is very suitable in spring and summer, little fairies do not have to worry about fear of boredom, sports shoes are almost wild, Many styles of clothes and pants are wild, such as this long-loft red and white striped shirt, casual and fresh at the same time, the design of the waist bow, it added a lot of gas field is very strong.


The hot white shoes of this season bring youthful and sweet sporty feelings. It is very seasonable to match the bib, and the white shoes are very versatile. It's like several clothes in front are replaced with white ones. Shoes air jordan are just as good looking, they don conflict with the clothes, they are very young and dynamic. If you don know what to wear, then it absolutely wrong to try with a pair of small white shoes. Is there a pair of small white shoes?

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Pointed high-heeled shoes, there are many in the choice of collocation, exposed feet high heels will increase the proportion of the body, the shirt want to be high fairy to choose such a shoe why not?


Grandma's shoes have been very popular recently, and they are very popular. The pointed shoes give people a strong feeling. The grandma shoes are square headed and do not have this feeling. Instead, they bring vintage elegance and peace, and the exposed feet are also Very modified foot type, I believe many of the fairy is not too familiar with the grandmother shoes, then Xiaobian first to briefly introduce. Grandma's shoes are made of soft leather, comfortable and fit. They don't wear feet, and the visual effect of matching with grandma's shoelaces is very different. It gives a literary and friendly atmosphere, which is its characteristic.

Each pair of shoes in the clothing with the shape of a certain outstanding characteristics, there are many different clothes in the choice of choice, you want to choose a leisurely fresh white shoes, you want to choose sports shoes for youth, you want temperament Elegant choice of high heels, want to choose a comfortable and free kick, want to choose elegant grandmother shoes, of course, there are many styles of shoes, today will not be introduced one by jordans for sale one, Xiaobian Amway today so much, the little fairy if If cheap jordans online you feel good, then you can learn it.