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Girls, in fact, boys from your shoes will be able to understand you!

Girls usually love to wear what shoes? High heels Flat shoes canvas shoes? In fact, like to wear what shoes is not important, as long as their dress is comfortable is the best. But the sisters may be ignorant, in fact, boys from the girls wearing shoes will be able to understand her Oh ~ Xiaobian told you today talk about straight men how to read through a shoe to a girl ~ like to wear high heels girls must be beautiful , Know how to enjoy life and dress, can make jordan jordans for cheap 11 their own very delicate. High heels look very temperament, is certainly a knowledge of the connotation of the sister. Like to wear flat shoes girls are very personal, not a few centimeters to the height of the sacrifice of their own comfortable life. Although there is no high-heeled shoes temperament and noble, but the little girl's casual cute, or the taste of a small woman.

Like to wear canvas shoes girls generally neutral temperament, words and deeds rude talk Taitailielie; habit of leisure and free life, will not become a boy in the arms of small women. But there are little girls simply cute. Many sisters love to wear casual shoes, because high heels wear too tired people, it is not suitable for those who like bounce young sister. Can be very queen, it can be a little woman. Can be used with self-cultivation clothes, work wear is also very professional sense.

Small white shoes is very small and fresh, suitable for the lovely little girl who die ah You can match the Senlin wind clothes, and then with a small skirt, super cute. Boys see girls wear this shoe will be cheap jordan shoes like, sprout a full protection of desire. Canvas shoes have been hot in recent years. This small variety of colors choose a variety of shoes for her sister. Put on this shoe boys will think you are a lovely sticky little girl Oh Through the high heels of girls should all know, pointed shoes to wear the most uncomfortable, flat shoes to wear the most comfortable. So Xiaobian shoe cabinet has a lot of double-head high heels. Shoes to wear retro jordans feet is also very comfortable, no pu skin so hard, not easy to wear feet. Rough heel walking is also very stable, so that you feel full of security. High heels are sexy. Rose red pointed shoes with the Queen's temperament, my sister painted a big lips, wearing a high split skirt, certainly lost a pile of skirts under the minister. The sexy of this shoe is the design of the upper, the design is very sexy, very upturned boys.

Europe and the United States wind flat shoes for casual wind or retro wind girls. Round shoes to wear very comfortable, not easy to clip the toes. Suede shoes are also very soft, will not hurt feet. Rough with very good to go very smooth, for her sister with a small skirt. Tank car suture design a little British retro style.