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How does the dress match the shoes? So take the right!
Dress is a year in every season girls like the fashion of a single product, at the same time a lot of girls will ask how to choose the shoes with the dress even more out of color, so that shape just right? Today Xiaobian has a brilliant idea!

Dark blue dress is very temperament, waist design to make the whole clothes more self-cultivation style, legislation was waist. Elegant dress with a small white shoes is very casual with the wild, wild shirt and shoes can easily wear out the tidal jordan 11 range Oh!

Strained dress style very sexy feminine, package hip design highlights the body, with a comfortable sandals even more charming temperament, but also to the whole shape with more soft, fully show the charm of fashion, a brown bag For the extra points.

Sleeveless vest-style light-colored dress is very suitable for the summer, and this dress design is not only suitable for summer is also very suitable for the workplace, light-colored dress is very gentle, with the same color of the pointed high heels will make the shape more harmonious beauty, Can make stature more charming slender Oh!

Split type of stripe floral dress fresh and charming, light-colored style is very soft, with a brown lace flat shoes full of Bohemian-like exotic, matched with a chain of black bags, minutes in reverse Hit into a fine goddess.

The jordan 11 same brown sandals, but with a black type of knitted Slim dress both fashion and aesthetic, solid color dress style buy jordans is very simple to bring out the exquisite body, a pair of brown flat shoes modified leg curve to the whole shape of the fans The

jordans for cheap No matter what season dress is essential. Want to shape more out of color, the right shoes with a particularly important Oh! Did you learn it?