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How fresh and elegant dresses match shoes? Retro casual fashion heart switch!
In April and May, when the cool season arrives, the pace of summer comes slowly. In the hot season, of course, we need to use our most fresh and elegant dress as a daily match! The beauty dress is not only the key to show temperament, but also the representative of summer refreshing.

Look1: dress + boots

Let's take a look at the different dresses and shoes, this black print dress looks very elegant fashion, white print is more layered under the black background, mix and match a pair of handsome jordan 10 white pointed boots, summer Easy to wear elegant personality fan!

Look2: dress + pointed shoes

Does this tummy dress look special? The yellow skirt is strewn with irregular round prints. The flounced skirt design makes this jordan 7 dress more fresh and elegant. With this pair of vintage black pointed shoes, it shows the fresh and elegant summer!

Look3: dress + square shoes

In the summer, there is no one dress that can't be missed, and a dress without a sleeveless style can't be missed. Although this dress is easy to thunder orange color, but its saturation is not high, fairies can be used with confidence, with a pair of fresh and retro white square shoes, elegant and age-reduced Oh!

Look4: dress + grandma shoes

Retro grandmother shoes look beautiful and beautiful, as the sole ancestor of the single shoes, grandma shoes are still hot unabated. A magenta print suspender maxi dress with a lighter top and a pair of beige retro grandmother shoes matched it with the same tone, but it was not monotonous and gentler.

Look5: dress + word with high heels

Words with high heels can be said to be a magic match between the star big coffee and the fashionistas. This pink dress with an irregular skirt design can be said to be full of girls, very fresh and casual, with this pair of white ribbons. High-heeled shoes are more elegant and stylish!

Look6: dress + cat heel

Retro cat and heel shoes have been popular for decades, and it was one of Hepburn's favorite single shoes. This pair of leather black cat heels here with a dark green dress, very elegant fashion, filling the advanced fan Oh!

jordan 11 Look7: dress + small white shoes

Although small white shoes are the most common and most versatile shoes, Xiao Bian can't help but want to talk about its advantages. It can be used with any dress and it is very refreshing and casual. Then the exaggerated skirt will change under its match. Simple and fashionable, is it amazing?