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How is the wedge heel? Fresh seductive + perfect big legs you do not want to
Not to wear high-heeled shoes jordans on sale certainly a lot, and for petite girls, and began to popular wedge heels is also a good choice, slope heels not only in the wear side than the high heels comfortable outside, choose the right jordan sneakers style And with, slope heels can also be very fashionable.

1. Slope sandals + small floral dress

Straw slope with sandals with a small floral dress, summer travel the best combination of fashion, to create a retro pastoral style. So that even with the hair circle was some praise! Compared to high sandals, slope with sandals to give you more comfortable travel, the weekend to the suburbs travel the most appropriate.

2. Slope sandals with shirt

Slope sandals, grass slope is always the most popular, not only comfortable and cool, and full of pastoral wind. With a fresh blue shirt, into some modern modern feel. Keep the time upup. With hot pants casual and neutral, casually with casual to create lazy style. And then put on a pair of comfortable slope with sandals, you can create a perfect long legs.

3. Slope sandals with jeans

Summer do not love to wear skirts of the baby who can choose wedge sandals with jeans. Strapless chiffon with light blue jeans, to the whole hot summer into a cool experience. White T-shirt with jeans has always been the standard summer, jordan 11 banding elements are widely used this year, sexy chest T-shirt with a pair of beautiful slope with sandals. Slope with sandals with the principle of jeans, be sure to expose the ankle, in order to be significant was thin two-pronged. Or put the trousers rolled up, or choose the following eight jeans.

How is the wedge heel? In fact, the wedge heel both a small woman's charming atmosphere, and very quiet and intellectual charm, coupled with the style of candy in the spring more highlights fresh and seductive, so you can not miss the spring wedge heel, was high and elegant More worthy of you

Blue slope heels

jordan 10 This blue slope heels, sky blue style gives a very kind of feeling, round head slope with the design, very casual and very sweet, especially the flowers of the embellishment, combined with the blue, highlighting Spring fresh meaning, romantic and very beautiful.

Nude color wedge shoes

This nude color slope heels, not very high design, shallow mouth style more intellectual charm, gradually round the style is very small fresh charm, in the spring dress with, easily highlights the ladies Fan taste, heating season Wear the best fit.