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How to choose according to their feet for their own shoes

Shoes, everyone will buy, especially women, if the shoe rack is not a good variety of different shoes that the woman is not fashionable. In fact, every girl for their own degree of love of shoes, many men are unable to understand, for women, there is a pair of their favorite, the right shoes, more than a lot of things are important for me, a pair of shoes jordans for sale show Is their own taste. Thousands of miles, starting with a single foot, shoes as our daily life essential supplies, the market there are too many shoes, accidentally will not be suitable for their own shoes, shoes are not fit, in fact, is a Very important question, if retro jordans for sale we need to go outside a lot of the way, if the shoes are not fit, then our mind will always be on the feet feel more and more uncomfortable. Feet are our second heart, we need good care. So how do women choose their own shoes?

This situation may be caused by wearing high heels, the best change to wear flat shoes or less coarse heels, this foot type of MM can wear round shoes, to avoid wearing pointed shoes, especially the tip High heels, pointed foot toes at the tip of the line is too steep, toes too narrow, put on to squeeze to the toe parts, feet hypertrophy where the best wide enough, do not squeeze to the toes, shoes, the best choice of fabric soft Skin, shoes fabric not too hard, or the upper edge of the rubber band of shoes, so that will not be too squeezed to the foot hypertrophy. Fine pu fabric feet comfortable, soles selected combination of tendon at the end, 3-5cm heel, it is wearing a high heel with the best height, style slightly retro flavor, as well as the upper stitching shiny hair, retro leather Buckle is different, with the fire now to the hairy pants or skirts are so you become the focus of the crowd velvet fabric, version of the type is like, opened the same handsome, jordan 11 based on the original design, combined This year's hot velvet, retro and gorgeous, round head on the feet comfortable to help the big toe correction; resistant soles light, comfortable wear wear very comfortable, so that your feet get better care, with the moment Big hot pants are more trendy and more individual

Some from her innate back is relatively large, and some shoes are not so good to wear; foot back too wide MM can wear the upper shoes, you can wrap more foot shoes, so that the foot The back is not so wide, you can wear and ankle boots, cover the entire instep, can not see the instep is very wide pink pink high-heeled shoes frosted fabric, after the heel side of the layers of wavy line design eye-catching visual effects are Fan, exquisite hardware Zipper easy to wear off, small pointed uppers modified large feet, look small and slim, greatly increased the ladies temperament black has always been a classic in the classic, very wild, black high heels is a wild single product, like To be tall, want to be thin, you want to graceful body jordan 13 really less it, it can not only be significant high and can enhance personal charm. When the passage of time, when accidentally dug out of the pair of memories of the black high heels, you will certainly miss the passage of time, there are always some wiping the classic, retro square shoes there is one of this year's hot money. Heavy fashion shoes in the fashion trend stand out, double buckle metal decoration in the upper, elegant in the classic at the same time, there is a little playful taste, matte patent leather texture is good, this height is also suitable, so that the foot back high People can also be very good to highlight their beauty of the feet, comfortable soles wearing a day will not feel tired