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How to choose the winter dress for your own shoes
Small white shoes

Small white shoes has always been in the ascendant, so long popular, of course, have its own reason, simple colors, but it is very wild, no matter what the color of the coat, you can simply hold.

Sharp pointed heel

High heels have always been a woman's essential shoes, small fine with the more we can wear out of our unique charm, pointed fine heels can also help you groom your legs type, visually lengthen your leg lines, Make you split into big legs in minutes.

Short boots

How can winter have less boots, friends, more jordans for sale than the other layers of shoes, can help you protect your ankles, can make you warm winter, but also can be well decorated ankle. Afraid of too short, you can choose to wear a pair of boots with the oh.

Choose the shoes for your dress, which is also a very important part, not jordan 11 because of a small detail, make their own dress down style.

Very suitable for winter suede material, but the soles of velvet material, will not let you feel the winter cold, but also give you double the warmth. Very wild colors, so you can be very wild, unique heel, but also very eye-catching.

air jordan Leather Martin boots, pigskin used in fashion, more wear-resistant, breathable, comfortable feet, full texture. With this year's special popular pile of socks, is also very suitable. Can also be retro jordans combined with wide-leg pants, long skirts ... are without any pressure.