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How to match the shoes with jeans
Jeans as a master of the classic single product, how to match the shoes with it? Fresh summer, the focus is recommended sexy and strong gas field high-heeled shoes Oh, sub-sub-elongated body lines, so you wear clothing big range of children. Here to quickly look at how to match the shoes with jeans to see it, Europe and the United States show hands to teach you wear out international Fan.

Jeans + high heels + black blouse + handbag

All black with a very thin, but also Europe and the United States star or street shoot up to one of the most popular with the street. Black shallow mouth high heels with black jeans, uniform color lengthening the legs and very thin lines, and then with a very texture and simple lines of the bag, full of Fan children. Even if the shirt is now under the hot white shirt, but also the same strong new jordan shoes gas can not be ignored.

Jeans + high heels + wave point shirt + handbag

jordan 10 Blue jeans with red shallow mouth high heels just beautiful, soft sexy and stylish. Tops choose a wave point chiffon shirt and small fragrant wind jacket, very Shuyuan temperament.

Jeans + high heels + white shirt

Jeans with high-heeled sandals is one of the most favored with Olivia, lace high-heeled sandals always give a feeling of exotic, whether it is brown, nude or black, white models, or Red models are very Fan from children, fashion mushrooms do not miss you Oh

Jeans + high heels + sweater

Hole jeans with thick and ankle tied with high-heeled shoes are very range of children Oh, and thick and easy to manage more suitable for novice, with a tassel bag, minute tide explosion street.

Jeans + high heels + striped shirt

Tight jeans with air jordan black high heels and striped chiffon shirt is very delicate and capable workplace lady Fan, jeans trousers free to roll up more cool and sexy, and black and white chiffon shirt is also very temperament and generous Oh.

Jeans + high heels + harness + hand bag

Jeans chic trousers design is very personal, and nine minutes of the length is more suitable for the summer Oh, with a pair of black pointed high heels and black harness cheap jordans color echo, simple and powerful, sexy but not publicity, like Europe and the United States wind mushroom wear it.