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If you wear jeans in the spring, with these pairs of shoes super beautiful!
Seeing, the spring sunshine has warmed you and me, a pair of jeans is lazy, easy to create a small sexy not deliberately beautiful. The jeans are available in a variety of formats, including jordan 12 flared jeans, wide-leg jeans, holed jeans, and jeans with small feet. It is also very important to look good with shoes. These pairs of shoes are super beautiful!

1, feet jeans + sports shoes

Can jeans with sneakers? Of course you can, but also very good-looking, there are many kinds of feet pants, such as the denim pants, and hip-hop style, Xiao Bian think it should be equipped with sports shoes will look good, there are jordans for cheap relaxed and casual street style.

2, printed jeans + grandma cheap jordan shoes shoes

Light-colored printed jeans with pointed grandmother shoes are very casual chic. This kind of shoes is a very retro one of Mary Jane grandmother shoes. The design of the square toe head deepens the feeling of retro, with a light blue color. The loose denim skirt makes people more energetic and stylish.

3, flash jeans + white shoes

The fringe denim with white shoes is undoubtedly the darling of fashion in this season. Raw-edged jeans with white shoes are the fashion of the season. The simpler, the bigger the air, the more resistant to look. I believe many girls wear large clothes since childhood. Are there any? It is not only classic but also fashionable at any time.

4, nine jeans + breathable mesh shoes

jordan 12 One winter boots, it's time to let your feet breathe. Now choose jeans are popular nine pants, showing slim feet, not only look more refreshing and beautiful, but also more elongated leg lines. With comfortable breathable mesh shoes is more comfortable and stylish.

I believe all people have blue jeans, so what kind of shoes with blue jeans look good? Xiao Bian thinks that spring will be very beautiful with small white shoes. The top four kinds of American shoes will be matched so that everyone will not have to worry about shoes and pants for the whole spring!