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Investment high heels? It is better to choose a pair of good texture of music shoes

Finally ushered in a beautiful spring, our jordan 11 shoes can also start the season. However, looking at their own accumulation of mountain shoes, the total feeling of a lack of a pair. correct! Chop hand party, you are still missing a pair of fashion sense multiplied by the blessing shoes. It is wearing more than most of the shoes cheap jordan shoes are much higher. We do not have to foot thin high with good, Le Fu shoes as long as with properly, still can become the focus. Instead of investing in a pair of normal high heels, not as good as a pair of good love shoes. Fire this year, low-heeled square shoes, good wear and not grinding feet, very temperament. The general music shoes are very simple, more is to add a metal buckle, this is not the same, it's stabbed a small bee on the upper, so that the whole shoes have become worth seeing. This year's foot pedal music shoes are no longer simple to the United States, this year are popular this embroidered, exquisite flamingo embroidery so that the whole shoes have become fresh, no longer boring, just for all things recovery The spring, so that your footsteps are more light!

This year there are too many stars are wearing this Le Fu shoes, but this is different from the proliferation of online, it is designed to meet the Asian foot type. Without the effect of matte sense, to maintain a low profile exemplary attitude, suitable for any place, is to this low-key fashion sense. This retro love shoes have been loved by the student party, it has a high quality patent leather, delicate texture highlights foot arc, round design, add a girl's sweet feeling, it is cheap jordans very pedicure, super wild, there Let you obsessed with the British wind Lok Fu shoes, type and personality, suitable for spring and summer with, out of the street absolutely dazzling! The toe is not the traditional tip and round, but flat, very design sense, the upper and the heel is also very tide decoration, like the sister do not hesitate Oh! Shoes are very suitable for small sister, it has a close to 6 cm within the increase, so you have a pair of dream long legs. Simple style, delicate workmanship, random with fashion appearance, by the majority new jordans of sister's favorite!