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Is popular! Summer wide leg pants with how best to see? Teach you the focus of the ever-changing!
Summer wide leg pants is a jordan 10 popular pants, it's a large trousers, so wear very cool, then the summer wide leg pants with what shoes look good? Wide leg pants with what shoes summer? Wide leg pants have been very popular, wide pants can be very good long legs, modified body, very much by the women like, the following together to see it!

Wide leg pants + pointed high heel = gas field full score

Wide leg pants + high heels, there is no doubt that this is a wide leg pants standard. Wide leg pants as the fleshy stovepipe artifact, and then with a pair of long legs of the pointed high heels, thin effect naturally needless to say. And pointed high heels can make hypertrophy wide leg pants have a slim finish, comes with mature temperament, capable neat, absolute gas bursting. If you worry about foot pain is not good to go, may wish to choose 3-5cm in the low with, just right height, feminine come in handy.

Wide leg pants + slender sandals = temperament goddess

The more simple things easier to become a classic, such as the word with sandals. Fashionable, simple, wild, but also elongated leg lines, with a sense of drape wide leg pants, delicate and elegant, just not too perfect. But must remember to match the beautiful nail polish.

Wide leg pants + pointed flat shoes = significant thin long

cheap jordans Afraid of flat shoes to pull down your height, afraid of driving high heels? It is your best choice. It can be extended from the visual vertical (do not look down on the extension of the few centimeters, sometimes the height is the gap).

Wide leg pants + shoes = fresh vitality

Shoes with jordans for sale a long section of wide leg pants, not contrived, who wear with a handsome feeling, every girl will be like. For those who do not have height advantage but like this air jordans for sale girl wearing the law, remember: high waist! High waist High waist

Wide leg pants wear is also very simple, in fact, it is a wild pants, starting from the shoes, the recent hot white shoes, canvas shoes, pointed high heels, waterproof platform can hook on the wide leg pants The Shirt, white shirt and wide leg pants is simply with the official CP, solid white shirt, neutral shirt can hold live swaying wide leg pants!