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Jeans, with the shoes of the N kinds of ways
Jeans + slippers

A Tee with wide side jeans and a pair of slippers, fresh and comfortable. This year's jordan 1 slippers in the style of this "bath style" upgrade version, has become the mainstream style, much sought after. Embroidered style slippers and ordinary jeans with together, on the moment feel the texture and fashion degrees are Up a lot, and embroidered style slippers from the autumn and winter has been the fire to the spring and summer.

cheap jordans for sale Relatively simple style is this wide-edge slippers, solid color wild is not pick people. Wide edge for the comfort of the feet is also very gratifying, and jeans with the effect of simple and simple. With the slippers you can justifiably into the office, with jeans exposed ankle, elongated height is minutes of things.

Jeans + pointed shoes

Petite girls dressing model, summer favored pointed shoes with jeans. Pointed flat shoes modified foot type, with the comparison of the boys taste of the jeans with the sweet taste of sweet girls. Some with the details of the dotted shoes, for the plain jeans is concerned, is the best decoration. This kind of pointed shoes can make your match very pick!

High-heeled pointed shoes to catch jeans, is full of queen temperament. But jordans on sale pointed high heels and jeans with quite pick people, legs to be fine enough, feet to be thin enough to perfect control of such a combination. Chic has always been OL label, pointed shoes fashion degree, is definitely the choice of OL are the best. Whether it is exquisite sweet style, or minimalist style, pointed shoes and jeans with you can make you pleasantly surprised!

Jeans + new jordan shoes music shoes

Lok Fu shoes and jeans with the frequency of quite high, a pair of black and white three-color stitching music with a pair of shoes, Chic sense full. Le Fu shoes comes with casual sense of formalities also added a lot of highlights to the jeans, and jeans is a very good partner.

Black Carrefour shoes are the most selected tones, black and cowboy put up very attractive. And black music blessing shoes comes with low-key sense of restraint, adapted to any occasion. Jeans and black Carrefour shoes are cool single product, with the natural let the girls a lot more reckless feeling.

Flat shoes

Ballet shoes evolved from the flat shoes naturally filled with thick feminine taste, but ballet flat shoes taste of a woman is a lovely little woman. In the case of corrugated jeans with flat shoes, or to choose nine points long hole jeans. With holes in jeans is also possible. The whole body comparison, you can come to a pair of red flat sandals, we are little Mensao.