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Jeans with shoes, you can have N kinds of law!
Straight jeans & small white shoes

Light-colored self-cultivation jeans is very casual, it should be with the same casual style of small white shoes. Want to be more type, jeans can choose nine points length, slightly exposed ankle, very cool handsome.

Tight jeans & little black shoes

Although the small white shoes limelight no two, but full of small white shoes easy to fatigue, but also increased the risk of hit shoes. Want to be unique, to double small black shoes it! When the whole world to show off their own small white shoes to grab, you cheap jordans for sale have chosen to surprise the double black with jeans out of the street, the eyes have been thrown them nine street!

jordan 13 High waist jeans & ballet flat shoes

Because the ballet flat shoes itself has the effect of polishing, not only comfortable, but also has a gentle feminine atmosphere, so even if casual, such as t-shirt + hole jeans, but also wear clothing fashion and exquisite sense.

In the waist jeans & classic high heels

If it is office workers, with the classic high heels to balance the excessive leisure, coupled with a fine bag, is also a perfect concave shape. Or then put on a windbreaker or jordan 4 long version of the suit jacket, high heels and accessories on the selection of Phnom Penh, the shape of the real grand!

Straight jeans & Muller shoes

As long as with the Mueller shoes, you can let you have a perfect proportion of the body. With a clutch or jewelry, you can let the shape upgrade.

Straight jeans & lok fu shoes

Whether it is rock fan jeans, retro jeans and even cowboy pants, a pair of shiny happy shoes will make your look more glorious, and very modern wind is also on the trend. More cold weather or at night can also wear socks to go out, that is not surprising, because the music shoes themselves go is neutral wind, a little rough route can accept.

Wide leg jeans & declaration high heels

Wide leg jeans had to pull the wind, very fashionable, able to focus on all the line of sight. Giant loose design has a sense of free and easy, if the same with the wind design of high heels, it is simply a walking fashion declaration, minutes to show off your fashion gesture, on behalf of people walking in the front of the trend.