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Less than 160 girls, spring shoes so take the super-show!

Although it is now into the spring of the rhythm, but the sister who do not put on early shoes, we must pay more attention to the following foot warm, so as to dress up at the same time healthy Oh! Boots are essential to the spring and autumn season, warm, stylish fashion single product, but often choose the most popular style to wear and no outstanding effect, in fact, Xiao Bian want to tell the girls, in fact, no popular and trend, but for their own Is the most fashionable! It is the feeling of Hong Kong. Xiao Bian personal is very like this feeling of shoes, the girls do not see this length of boots on the discouraged, in fact, boots can not only be a good modification of the legs, to help the girls elongated the proportion of legs in the cold The winter is a warm weapon, set sexy and elegant fashion in one, was thin and can create a queen gas field. Some people say that what is the taste of femininity, I think it is customs million, million kinds of customs. The need to have, there is no, rough with the popular for so long, enduring must have its truth. Than the fine high with not tired feet, it is not the reason it is popular? Rough control please accept it.

Pure leather shoes actually withstand the test of time but the leather will also have a natural soft folds, walking or wearing a long time are very common folds, so jordan 7 if you do not mind this point on it. Handsome boots in the basic section of it, wearing no mistakes, not completely flat, there is a high, so you see what a simple jeans will be interpreted as handsome style. Although there are a lot of boots, but each time with the first time to take it out. May be my own dress style of the relationship between it, like this kind of partial cool feeling of the shoes, a little old, light legs with shorts coat can look good! A little handsome and a little casual feeling, a good ride, do the strap design, it can be tightened, that is, the effect will be on your feet and your cheap jordan shoes legs together, the whole visual effect is very Long legs, love you and jordan 13 it will be very fashionable Oh. Low-tube boots than the high-tube boots to be a little more relaxed vitality, the legs will be exposed more places, usually worried about their wear in the high-tube small legs will be the short-legged sister will choose a short section of the boots. This leather surface is very soft, the appearance looks cool, the first style that it is very calm, basically do not pick people, no zipper direct sets of feet, do not have time and effort, the foot is very high try to wear it can easily The Leather is also the most important, foot feel more comfortable.

Shoes, the most important thing is to wear comfortable Well ~ This heel with new jordans the wood with the shoes in the cloth is the first layer of pigskin, so the quality is great, because this boots is deliberately old, so in order to achieve the desired The effect of the whole shoe process is more complex! So that there will be such a small wrinkled texture of the skin texture effect. Boots inside the pig skin, pig skin is relatively soft, and good ventilation, the feet will be more comfortable. Heel is also very comfortable that kind, not very hard The first can be high, waterproof platform with thick. The second little feet small, long legs, do not look at the simple-minded, feet you know. The third is the daily practical significance is high. The fourth pair of feet no requirements, not the data extreme feet, casually wear into the left, the foot is very thin meat may have to consider buying a small yards. The fifth pair with no requirements, you have to wear to go shopping, you have to wear beautiful line