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Long coat with shoes, you learned?
jordan 10 Look1: Long coat with sneakers

A classic blue jeans, white and blue mix and match, bringing the blue sky is beautiful and charming. A pair of small white shoes on his feet, more of Song Qian's casual temperament set off the most vividly.

Look2: long coat with small shoes

White winter wear easily dirty, that's fine, to give you a green coat, take a striped long-sleeved T-shirt, take the unusual way, lower body with more distinctive jordans for sale stitching pants, feet up a pair of small Leather shoes, this kind of wear, without concave shape, it has fashion full score.

This one with the first look Xiaobian upturned, obviously a very common single product, but take a surprising surprise together, within the striped shirt, wearing beige coat, feet red Leather shoes, unwittingly show the little woman's side.

Look3: long coat with flat boots

To work or long hours of study, it has been very tired, then take off high heels, choose our flat boots, give yourself a chance to relax. Take the use of the same color within buy jordans the black, it is very textured, take the gray long coat, black flat boots, really super style, a strong aura to spike passers-by.

Look4: Long coat with Carrefour shoes

Carrefour shoes have always given us a very retro taste, memories of the Carrefour shoes are warm so, and our aura of a strong long coat with Carrefour shoes blend, a combination of this flavor, it seems More sexy.

When it is cold, do not mind to wear retro jordans hosiery does not look good, it does not matter, can not wear an ankle when wearing socks is the same fashion, will not delay your concave shape.

Look5: Long coat with pointed Chelsea boots

If you want to match the short boots, then the preferred Chelsea boots, camel coat to block the cold wind, the lower body with our black leggings, you want to show significant thin is a matter of minutes.