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Men's boots with what pants with men's boots with a guide
There is no doubt that the boots are the necessary shoes for the trend, and for the fashionable boys, how will there be no pair of boots? Both men and women, in the dress with the rules are almost the same, the first principle is to be high. Many people think that boots more "eat legs", the boy will be wearing a short, in fact, not the case. The right to wear boots, boys can also be tall and stylish both can have both.

NO 1: Chelsea Boots + trousers

In contrast to the cool atmosphere of the boots, Chelsea boots more suitable for business casual occasions with semi-formal men, the end of the party season to replace the traditional dress shoes is also a good choice; Chelsea's grip and warmth Derby, Oxford Shoes can not shoulder, snow days also no pressure. Wearing a flexible boots mouth of the Chelsea boots, the best choice for the overall design simple and neat trousers, want to pick out the boots in the cortex can make a fuss, such as multi-layer hand color, patent jordan 4 leather or suede, carved Bloch's toe Design is also a good choice.

NO 2: mountaineering boots + jeans

Rough texture to create a rough cowhide texture, lace at the rivet metal pieces, a strong outdoor style to meet the work of popular wind, in addition, comfortable cohesion also makes it one of the most popular winter style. Outdoor travel comfort and practicality will bear the brunt of the best way to deduce this style is to try to retain their own beauty, do not need too much decoration. Jeans is undoubtedly the most suitable choice, take the Jackets, Mianfu, down jacket and even Parker coat are easy and yet charm.

cheap jordans online NO3 Desert Boots, Derby Boots + Smart Casual

Desert boots rough warm texture has always been the best in the city to reflect the trend of a single product, and Derby boots knowledge and elegant character makes the two most easy to let you have the atmosphere of retro Sven. Derby boots Needless to say, the classic black and brown models in addition to sports pants can match almost all of your wardrobe pants. Desert boots This soft leather boots are very comfortable to wear, more suitable than the zipper boots are more suitable for foot type fat men, you may think that the most suitable for spring and summer, in fact, winter is suitable for shooting. If it is smart enough to wear a high-necked sweater and wool trousers is the most elegant office shape; desert boots are not picky, with straight men must khaki pants Oxford shirt is the same as the Spring Festival to accompany his mother rub a good combination of Ma.

NO 4: Bullock boots + just wear

Escape a variety of popular points and small details, a pair of air jordans for sale classic models of the Bullock boots is undoubtedly your winter shoe in the necessary. Avoid the delicate sheepskin, too dazzling patent leather, tough and flexible leather is the first choice. Seven holes or eight holes of the Bullock boots is essential in the boots section of the basic models, not only fashionable and durable, more through the kind, with a variety of winter pants models are at ease. Whether it is wool trousers, jeans, cashmere trousers, or checkered trousers, striped pants, as long as not long wide leg pants, it is managed.