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Men's shoes with all kinds of skills
cheap jordans 1, jeans with sports shoes, with the time to pay great attention to the style of jeans, in general, large straight with the best shoe, and small straight can be equipped with thick bottom shoes, and air jordan narrow pants do not have sports shoes The Another pair of jeans when the jeans with jeans jordan 11 to choose a more light color, such as classic light blue and classic denim blue, look more exercise. Another suncar casual men's shoes more suitable for jeans.

2, flat with the boat is casual wear wild. Casual shoes between the dress shoes and sports shoes, no matter what kind of casual wear, boat shoes can be relatively easy to match, especially the brown boat shoes, with casual wear time, can play a very good match effect.

3, pencil pants with thin shoes, casual pants with thick casual shoes. It is difficult to imagine wearing a pencil pants or narrow pants, with a pair of heavy shoes will give people a funny feeling, do not. The other side of the casual pants with suede shoes or leather leather suits the shoes will be how uncoordinated.

4, brown rosewood shoes with the most suitable dress. In the mix with jeans or Oxford shirt when it will be very chic and interesting. So often need to dress in the men must not or lack of brown roses shoes Oh. Another point to note is the dress must wear black socks.

5, summer sandals should be relatively thick purchase style. Cool summer, shorts or loose casual pants are very much need a pair of cool drag to match.

6, jeans with shoes. If you buy shoes for the first time, and do not know what color should be bought, please choose white. Although the white shoes are not dirty, but it is all kinds of jeans wild color.