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Nine pants can not wear clothing fashion sense, the key lies in the shoes with
No matter what version of the shape of the pants, nine minutes of the length of the legs were long-class effect is superb, nine pants just exposed slender ankle, is also a thin golden rule. Another nine pants there is another advantage, that is, it can show your beauty shoes.

High heels

Any height of the girls are suitable for nine points jeans + high heels combination, not only can be high, but also for the usual dress to add gas field. Even if the small girls in the choice of this long coat, the thin ankle exposed, it will not wear a long coat because it is "pressure." A pair of good high heels is not only good quality, but also good-looking, more important is to wear comfortable, from the selection to the shoe last every angle should be perfect

Retro flat heels

Jeans and neutral "slippers" accent, spring you just can so wear. Leather material wild comfortable, flat shoes, tired to sit down hungry feeling, suitable for people's lifestyle, work, shopping, the best choice. Wearing a white word collar shirt, with nine points jeans and green printing flat shoes, blue printing scarf brought a bit exotic, for a simple mix with a lot of color. Pointed shallow mouth flat leather belt buckle tied with flat shoes. Office workers, office women of choice, with suit suit, intellectual, art

Neutral flat shoes

Dress is not difficult to wear, wear style is not easy, neutral flat shoes is definitely "style" single product, with a good popularity of nine points with jeans, it can easily wear in daily life. Europe and the United States trend of metal round flat shoes, simple fashion under the wind a new jordans single product, neat metal elements single decorative vamps, round head to make more precipitation models have charm, suitable for multi-age women.

jordans for cheap Small white shoes

2016 is still the world of sports shoes, with nine jeans 80 years retro style, comfortable and good control, but also bring a retro and well-behaved by age effect. No matter what kind of occasions, what kind of material, can be played with a small white shoes. Youth years, you should have a pair of their own small white shoes, a delicate pin decoration, enough you shine youth jordans for sale time


Nine points jeans + boots is good because it is to give pants and boots are the perfect display space, they seem to be good partner in general, especially in early spring with a thin jacket, any style can be perfect with. Will be a simple base section together, jeans to short length, boots will be higher, 150 + girls can also look very tall. Wine red comfortable rough with low-heeled boots boots suede pointed boots boots boots, with skirt and commendable sight