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Nude color shoes high popularity dwarf black bloggers favorite

Nude color for each person's definition is different, if you are african, then close to the black color is your nude color, I can say that can understand it So the choice of their own nude color when the shoes, the closer to their skin color the better, so the smaller the color, the higher the degree of integration, the better the effect of the extension of the legs. Wearing nude high-heeled shoes that are not accustomed to high-heeled water- Then try for double flat puff. Fine strap shoes need retro jordans hands delicate, easy to wear clothing with the fine strap temperament consistent with the dream of slightly misty beauty, relatively speaking, thick strap on the requirements of the feet is not so high. Because the tie lines thicker, so be able to wrap the feet of the exquisite sense, will not let a pair of big feet without modification to show in front of the world.

Workplace women almost hand a pair of black shallow mouth high heels, at least a lot of formal occasions need high heels to respond to this solemn atmosphere. In addition, nude color shoes is a more wild single product, regardless of skirt, pants, as long as the foot is not blocked by socks, it can perfectly extend the legs lines, piercing the ideal ratio. Shallow mouth high heels I prefer the tip of the paragraph, compared with the curvature of the rounded head, it is more feminine, more mature, some sense of extension is more obvious. Summer feet afraid of sweating the girl can consider the heel is a hollow pull with the design of the paragraph, to the big mouth breathing space, it can be flexible adjustment of the size of the tight, walking is not easy to foot.

Why is there such a good effect? The most important thing is the most important thing is that with their own skin color without limit to close, on the basis of the existence of the band is not to expose the legs of the shortcomings of the enemy, but the legs sexy side to show the most vividly partner. Metallic and nude color of the splicing to reconcile people close to the rich sense of wealth, gorgeous kind of tacky. Because enough to close to the skin color, so even the ankle height of the hollow heels will not put the big legs of the fact that the effect of excellent stretch but the legs look more slender. Curved hollow texture to a certain extent, the instep narrowed and swaying the ancient Roman style, fit the foot of the cross straps clear line, each time the convergence of the national girl burst of enthusiasm. Because the presence of a word looming easily lead to visual illusion, eyes are not good people will think you barefoot to go out. Even if clearly see the existence of a word is also no problem, after all, so low-profile across the toes seams, but also the traces of the toe modified slender. Found no? It is not only secretly increase this advantage.