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Pencil pants with what shoes? This time to take the trend index burst table
Pencil retro jordans pants is pulled high waist, shaped slender legs of the weapon, any season can wear, commute wild, the trend of people love to wear. Of course, want to wear clothing unique characteristics, you have to rely on other single product to match. Shoes is one of the important embellishment, together to learn the fashion of people wearing surgery it!

Pencil pants + sports shoes

There is no doubt that the moment the most hot shoes non-sports shoes must go, this season your shoe must be indispensable to its shadow. Used with pencil pants is definitely the best candidate.

Pencil pants + music shoes

For those who prefer tomboy neutral wind girl, from the men's shoes evolved to music shoes (loafer shoes) is the most popular style all year round. Retro Oxford shoes can also be used to match, pick a retro style with the overall style is more eye-catching.

Pencil pants + lazy shoes

A lap design of the jordan 4 lazy shoes is also the best choice for pencil pants

Pencil pants + high heels

Want to pursue the greatest degree of sexy charm that non-ankle lace models of high-heeled sandals must go.

Pencil pants + flat sandals

Tight-fitting jeans with flat sandals shape will not go wrong.

Pencil pants + pointed flat shoes

Pointed flat shoes is not only the commute when you commute the best choice, a type of style can make your pencil pants have become fashionable up!

new jordan shoes Pencil pants + pointed high heels

If you go out in the morning to pursue a fast and simple and stylish shape, then the shoes in the classic pointed high heels out and pencil pants with it!

Pencil pants cheap jordans for sale + beach sandals

This summer, unusually hot beach sandals can also be used with, but the color as much as possible to choose light-colored, or dark will make the footsteps look particularly heavy.

Pencil pants + boots

Fashion has long been more and more no seasonal sense, who said the summer can not wear boots? But to be worth noting that, do not pick those who are too strong or strong with a fur material style.

Of course, not only in the small series mentioned these, you can also according to the season, preferences and clothing style to coordinate.