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Pencil skirt with shoes fashionable up
cheap jordans for sale With a light cooked elegant children's pencil skirt has been loved by many girls, because the pencil skirt can be based on different shoes easy to control a variety of styles. So what is the pencil skirt with shoes? Xiaobian following to see how the street shoot with people how to match the pencil skirt it

Pencil skirt + word with high heels

Fashion bloggers, popular star hand a pair of words with high heels is a universal shoes, whether it is with pants or skirt can be perfectly hold live. Pencil skirt with a word with high heels is very elegant, simple word with a pencil skirt more prominent more advanced, career OL.

Pencil skirt + music shoes

Pencil skirt with music shoes are relatively casual, suitable for vacation or out of the street and so relax and need to often walk the occasion to choose. British music full of music shoes with pencil skirt, perfect mix handsome and elegant. Shirt with a blue shirt, it is cool and fashionable full of summer, so elegant street out of buy jordans it

Pencil skirt + Muller shoes

Mu Le shoes as a classic shoes, has been active in the fashion arena, of course, the most important because it is fashionable and wild. Muller shoes with pencil skirt even more Mature breath, tough not contrived, coupled with motorcycle bags and simple striped shirt, easy to wear out the French romantic atmosphere.

Pencil skirt + sandals

Pencil skirt with the personality of the sandals can wear clothing with the nature of feel, especially sandals and pencil skirt color echo, show legs and let look more uniform and durable.

Pencil skirt + lace shoes

Flat lace shoes with sweet and fresh, high-heeled shoes with a large woman can bring a sense of elegance, with high slits pencil skirt to make fashionable doubled.

Pencil skirt + sneakers

College girls can choose to use sports shoes or canvas shoes to match the pencil skirt, by age and very young girl feel, especially small white shoes, wild and can jordans for sale brighten the shape of color, up breath.