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Sanding sandals, with what pants look good?
Sandwich sandals + nine points casual pants

Sandals sandals themselves with a casual feeling, with nine points casual pants, you can let yourself in the holidays to release their own, cheap jordan shoes free personality, unfettered.

Sandals and beach pants

Sandals and beach pants, seaside vacation with a great match, easy battle, enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the seaside.

jordan 12 Sandals and gowns

Summer is to be cool, sandals and denim hot pants, in the cool yet yet fashionable personality, both are essential for the summer single product.

Diamond beads decorated with sheepskin fabric and sexy full of sandals sandwiches together, the effect of elegant feet, very significant grade. And flashing diamonds echoes, sequins rendering wood grain pattern filled with the contours of the soles, cleverly added the overall design sense, the texture is more prominent. In addition to wide leg pants can hide meat, we can not forget the same loose and comfortable pants, and then with a pair of straps style of the Roman sand toe sandals, appears to be more slender legs, fun.

Summer ladies bad when ah, especially when going out shopping, in order to comfort is not tiring we have to give more than 10cm high heels, but this sweat season or let the beautiful cast a layer of dust. Because the sweat, makeup will be spent, the clothes will take shape, and even wearing low-heeled feet will be slippery feet, an inattentive will be in front of a handsome guy new jordans ugly Han. Hurry to prepare a pair of sandals toe it, while the personality can play a solid role, even if the sweat, still can be very chic.

Sandals as a kind of sandals, already slippers to upgrade a level, with real materials with exquisite workmanship, toe, bright diamond and other fashionable design clever to enhance the women's fashion taste. Elegant and comfortable flat heel, non-slip wear, the quality of the considerable far beyond the visual beauty, is to play out of the essential fashion items.

Something is great It's more tricky than anything that makes yourself worry. How can we meet both the safe and comfortable appearance and let your feet look small and exquisite? Like a layer of mystery veil can be a mysterious contraction of the visual, double three-dimensional flowers with comfortable slope with soles, fully meet the flat feet, the perfect foot type immediately show.