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Sexy high heels, shaping the elegant temperament goddess
A woman born love beautiful, for all the beautiful people and things can not resist, just as for the high heels of the same, although the beginning is not so comfortable to wear, but also succumbed to its exquisite appearance, look, this is a woman The A woman who will have countless pairs of high heels, whether it is pointed or square head, and whether it is thick or fine with all, have to be a pair of perfect.

Want to show the legs really long special love ~ with long and calf skirt, elegant look good, thin feet also show legs long. Skirt with V mouth of the bare boots, visual effects are long 5cm high ah!

Wearing a short rough with you, to the long and thick to try it, whether it is playing pants or skirts can look like your lady Fan Oh, the tip is now women out of the street nirvana, the moment you can Feet stand out of the crowd Oh.

jordan 1 The tip is a long leg artifact, not only can highlight your legs and thin and long can enhance your woman charm Oh, side buckle can increase your maturity, after who dare say you do not have feminine.

The word buckle shoes are also quite fire, I think it is jordan 12 used to match the skirt even more than with pants, because the word buckle design makes the feet and legs to form a cheap jordans coherent, very legs long, wearing a skirt exposed legs really Just right.

Sharp and thick with the most now women can not stop, this pointed flat rough with not only jordan 11 can modify your feet and thin and long, but also bring out your skin white Oh

Do not complain that your feet do not look good, it was you did not meet it before. This tip fine with the European Fan shoes, fashion wind so that you are where the goddess Oh

Want to make your pace out of the different kind of charm, put on this tip fine with, so that your temperament can not resist it, the special design is to let you wear a different kind of fashion charm.

Choose skin color close to the nude color shoes, it can keep the legs and feet of the connection sense, the effect can be extended long legs long.

Some people say: women standing on high heels, to go further farther, but also can see more beautiful scenery, which is not life it?