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Shirt + casual shoes with, wearing a sun type Fan
Tide male street shoot is a lot of girls favorite, not only can see handsome, but also can put their boyfriend dress more handsome, do both. Xiaobian today for everyone to bring a group of tide retro jordans men shirt with a set of tide, how to match the sun with a sunny type, fascinated passers-by eyes!

College style suits + casual pants, purple simple ride Old and old sneakers and backpacks to the whole Smart up. Is not it reminds you of the University of crush on the wonderful moments of love time? Black casual pants and white shoes is the classic black and white ride, the British Fan plus a gray shirt more natural affinity higher.

jordan sneakers A very tough match, denim shirt with casual pants, coupled with cool pieces of Martin boots, more masculine! Very easy to control a match, the basic models of any boys can try Oh!

Has a strong military green style camouflage shirt, always gives the feeling of tough masculine, the impression can only be muscle male can control, in fact, with a little, cream niche can also wear a very taste Oh! Dark blouse with gray jeans will be too tough overall feeling perfect and! In the whole match with a bright color of the Department of casual shoes, super young wood!

Solid color with a single product can show with more than its own charm of the energy Oh! Blue linen shirt with khaki casual pants, light and dark with, just right! To create Ou Fan children men, shirts can not choose self-cultivation Oh! Cotton and linen loose is the first choice, casual pants choose cotton straight like, do not have any ornaments in the above! Accompanied by a pair of bright skin casual shoes, more youthful sense of vitality!

Business leisure Fan always give people a dull feeling, look at today's grid shirt with how to make business leisure Fan was calm atmosphere, fashion and dynamic. Choose a dark fine shirt, with dark red self-cultivation casual pants, so that the overall look neat and neat, red also set off the feeling of young vitality! Coupled with a British wind pointed leather shoes, more temperament!

Casual white shirt + nine feet pants + art change color glasses + high help Bullock boots. Soft wrinkled white shirt is casual and jordans on sale lazy, if you want to take the arts range of children, this white shirt will be a good choice. In addition, since the choice of a soft texture, shirt new jordan shoes buttons should be solved a few, so that the overall shape is more relaxed and casual.