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Shoes and clothing with knowledge

A thousand miles begins with a single step. Shoes and clothing with a good, you can reflect the status of the wearer, accomplishment, identity and so on. jordan shoes On the contrary, at least reflect the abandonment of the sloppy or lack of wearing art. So jordan shoes no matter what the shoes, have to wear decent, with appropriate.

Of course, with a good shoe should pay attention to their own stature. For example, petite women, not to increase the height of their own body, and blindly pass high high heels, too high heels to wear like a stilt in general, no beauty.

Legs thin women, should not wear thick heel shoes, not suitable for wearing underwear at the end of shoes. Legs thick women, should not wear shoes with too thin high heels, or will jordans for sale appear thicker legs

Shoes with the details of the problem is also about the shoes, we must pay attention to the problem:

(L) wearing slippers to participate in social or public activities is very rude, even if the street wandering or leisure, should not wear slippers.

(2) in addition to access to specialized places and other need to take off your shoes, do not when someone else feet out of the shoes from the feet. Social occasions should not appear with shovel shoes with jordan 11 such a move.

(3) no matter what kind of shoes, should not be moored, and should not stamped, so that not only make noise, affect others, but also to others to create a bad impression.