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Shoes and jeans with this in order to attract the goddess
White / black shoes + jeans

Small shoes, but also a long time, it is cost-effective, very cost-effective; small black shoes is the recent influx of men's favorite, although low-key, but with black jeans with, but also to extend the legs line. Not tall boys, really can try this shoe. As long as you do not choose too loose jeans and too tight like, too long do not choose, so your height will be reduced a lot.

Small white shoes simple atmosphere, coupled with jeans simply jordan 7 look good handsome, but also with a fresh style of literature and art, leisure travel are Hold live. High-quality canvas upper, feel comfortable, the upper and inside the gauze are breathable, the alignment is also very neat, thickening heel, but walking very comfortable not tired feet, simply zero pressure. This is also a proper couple of shoes, you have not get it?

This little black shoes are casual sports wind, Dijiao soft toe, round arc, wear on the feet is very comfortable not grinding feet. Heel is made of comfortable high elastic cloth, do not wear the heel Oh, comfortable stretch stretch, soles are PU combination at the end, non-slip wear, rainy days are not afraid. Three cross stripes in the above is very high-end atmosphere of fashion Oh

This trend of fashionable straight jeans, put it immediately is the youthful vitality of the juvenile, coupled with a pair of small white shoes, rolled up trousers, really nice how nice there. White needle and thread process is very prominent, you can feel the pants and feel the collision of the spark, the back of the pocket is also doing very good, pants and no thread, in short, is a wild fashion trend of jeans.

new jordan shoes Many boys wear jeans out the street, most commonly used with sports shoes, or canvas jordan 1 shoes. So this mix, in the crowd has become very common. Unless you match the sneakers (canvas shoes), style enough innovative look, more eye-catching. So edit the individual, generally do not choose jeans with sports shoes. But if you have to match, remember that shoes and jeans tone consistent, there will be a sense of visual extension. Jeans color is also a lot, there are light blue, dark blue, black, or even white ... ... but different colors with the same pair of shoes, the effect is different.