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Shoes to be so with the original beauty!
Have words: shoes to buy beautiful as beautiful! So that fashion and taste is a whole embodiment rather than local rendering! Such as elegant and elegant mink with old-fashioned boring shoes, rich sense of luxury and luxury will instantly collapse! So how to use shoes to wear for extra points This is a very worthy of discussion! Here Xiaobian give you to share some of their own with the cognitive!

First talk about the more European-style pointed lace shoes! Originated in France, it is a strong personality, delicate and meticulous, can make a woman's feet become slender, feet pretty bow up, very beautiful! So as to wear as new jordans far as possible to tight feet or pants or legs are slim wear law, so you can make two kinds of beauty echo each other! Such as this classic French pointed lace shoes! jordans on sale Red look warm and tense, black is elegant and there is conservation. And look carefully when the surface of the shoe is more uniform, work is also very fine! In the autumn sun scattered season to wear such a single shoes is very fresh and romantic!

The same is the European-style Martin boots is also popular in the past year, a single product Martin boots more rough lines of the personality, car suture and high to help, lace are very personalized elements of the trend! In the match can choose jeans, or style more neutral casual pants, there is a cool and not pull the elegant wind!

And Martin boots with the prevalence of Chelsea boots! From the British racetrack horse boots, in appearance on the line appears to be more gentle than the Martin boots smooth, more simple shape. And this Chelsea boots also incorporates a more retro carved hole design, very retro beauty!

The same is derived from the development of European shoes from the Peas shoes, because the simple and easy to mix and feel loved by everyone! Shoes and feet fit very well, and the soles are very soft and wearable rubber! And with leggings, skirts, jeans with the very good! You can wear a light ladies temperament!

cheap jordan shoes And Peas shoes relatively similar to the music shoes in the university campus is also cheap jordans for sale a very high rate of appearance, music shoes in the structure and the lines are more streamlined beauty, the most attractive is comfortable and easy to wear! For example, this hole in the flat-bottomed music shoes, cool in the hot summer breathable, and with almost no pick pants!