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Short boots how to take the tide? This wear was thin and significant leg length!
Winter, if you want to ask me what to wear the most versatile fashion shoes, Xiaobian first think of the boots is definitely. Yes, it can not only play the role of warm and warm, but also a variety of concave shape it! Wear a pair of boots, wherever you go is a stylish and beautiful scenery! So how to match the short boots to wear beautiful and Fan ?

1, boots + small black pants

Take a simple gray T-shirt short coat, take the high waist black pants, wear black boots, shoes and pants the same color, visually lengthen the leg lines. Army green jacket with a rocking small skin, and buckles on the leather boots complement each other, black pants and black boots with the color, new jordan shoes very stylish with Oh. Black coat and denim jacket with plush vest stack of layers, very layered, black leggings and pointed under the boots, tidal flavor full.

2, boots + jeans

jordan 11 White T-shirt with tight wear jeans, under the ankle boots and bare feet exposed, very stylish details, outside the black jacket, backpack package, simple and chic. Within the shirt and T shirt, the shirt unbuttoned when the coat to wear, very layered stack of sense, under the jeans and black boots, legs are headstrong, not curling can wear very stylish. Little leg or roll up trousers jordan 13 it!

3, boots + leather pants

Black long coat take white sweater, classic black and white with black leather underpants, wearing black boots, visually integrated, very significant leg length. Very simple fan outfit. Black leather pants take irregular geometry boots, full of tide flavor.