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Short stature can not wear flat shoes It must be the style did not choose right

A lot of petite sister paper to see the flat shoes will be self-esteem on their own height, but in fact need not, because as long as the shoes and style of dress with each other can create a visual effect cheap jordans for sale is high, perhaps you may not believe it We come to see it real! Comprehensive above the height of less than 160 examples can be seen, flat shoes is not a small natural enemies, as long as the election on the style is also high, the following Xuan Jie summed up the three high flat shoes style, Look at which one is your dish! The principle of the flat shoes is like the V-neck of the clothes, can stretch the legs to the toes of the lines, so that the whole look more slender.

Black shoes in the wild has a very strong strength, splicing together with metal decoration is very fashionable, but not too much exaggeration, everything is just right. Flowers and diamonds decorated to convey the elegant feminine, with a simple silver there is a very sweet sense of sweetness, the feminine temperament show most vividly, and did not contrived. Eye-catching green, although not very wild, but if the mix will be particularly extra points, gradient color with the beaded embellishment showing a strong texture and design sense, especially Fan Fan.

Nude color flat shoes is used with the color is similar to the effort, invisible between the legs can be elongated lines, and the color is also very simple and similar to the texture of the weave pattern looks so lost a sense of retro, Irregular design also highlights the personality, did not feel a little bit of pure color monotonous. The color is simple and more wild, but the color of this pair of shoes looks like it will be more gentle, small shoe H word gap is enough to get rid of all the monotonous, this is the role of detail. Square diamond decoration to bring out the shoes of the atmosphere, coupled with a feminine tip is elegant and noble, not only suitable for everyday life, some banquet and other occasions are also suitable. Muller flat shoes and slippers in fact, because of its non-heeled style can fully extend the leg line, which has been visual high, fashionable degree is particularly high.

Flat shoes design is very user-friendly, in addition to the normal wear, you can steep on the wear, the two wear the law to meet more wear style, Moreover, the black itself is very wild. Rich feminine wine on the clothes may be very common, but the shoes are rare, the strap is removable, so it can be interpreted two different fashion style. Decorative buckle embellishment to break the monochrome sense of solid color, but also increased the sense of fashion, slippers wear style by lazy pet, not only easy to wear off, and the degree of fashion is not bad.