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Shorts with canvas shoes, 2017 so long legs 10cm fashion!
Canvas shoes is the hottest single product, not only because it is wild, and the effect of age is also very obvious, put on your young young ten years old. Summer model is about to open, the beauty of the sister has long been unable to wait to show big long legs, and shorts will help increase the length of the legs long slender, and then according to different clothes with different canvas shoes, give the overall shape plus points Oh!

Short-sleeved knit t-shirt + denim shorts + black canvas shoes

Short-sleeved knitted t-shirt red and green black hit color personality round neck, with denim shorts, wearing a black casual canvas shoes, even jordans on sale the flat canvas shoes can help you shape the big legs Oh Especially in the summer, canvas shoes is to become the hottest fashion gurus must be a single product.

White t-shirt + high waist print shorts + black canvas shoes

People a pair of canvas shoes, not only comfortable wild, more for the overall shape of extra points. If you want to be more type, you can start a printed shorts, high waist style print shorts can lengthen the leg lines, and the increase in the canvas shoes longer legs 10cm! It is not surprising.

Gray lapel T-shirt + white shorts + black canvas shoes

jordan 13 Canvas shoes have been the stars and the influx of people sought after, white shorts with canvas shoes, wearing a gray lapel T-shirt, casual and comfortable, growth is so simple growth. Although with a simple, but that is inseparable from the line of sight.

Gray short-sleeved t-shirt + high waist denim shorts + black canvas shoes

Cloth is never out of date retro jordans single product, as long as the ride to take the good, casually can become a street shooting fashion people. In addition, the canvas shoes to wear special comfort, if you choose to go shopping, like a picture like wearing T-shirts and shorts with canvas shoes the most appropriate. And high waist short jeans pants can make your legs look more slender, casual yet stylish mix.

Gray V collar + beige shorts + khaki canvas shoes

Canvas shoes as long as you have the courage to try, you can wear clothing belongs to your style. In casual you can throw away that tiring high heels, put on a pair of comfortable fit canvas shoes can help you get rid of the dull life. In addition to the classic black and white style canvas shoes, khaki with them is also very dynamic, are attracted to the eye of the care machine Oh.