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Six styles of winter skirts and shoes
Look1: skirt with socks

If this winter, the fairy has not started a pair of socks boots, it really is a bit outdated friends. In terms of collocation, may wish to refer to this body with the whole body with the same color, lace skirts and socks boots collide, so that the overall shape becomes very simple, no longer have to deliberately concave shape, it has fashion scores.

Look2: skirt with short boots

The annual appearance jordan 10 of short boots are very high, but also very wild, like our black skirt with black boots, wear a college atmosphere, super age, like the fairy might try a bit.

Look3: skirt with Mules shoes

Speaking of Mull shoes, I believe many of the little fairy will have an impression, because there is no heel, looks a bit far from like slippers, wear to give people a very easy to free and easy range. Because of this, with a sexy knit dress, temperament will be neutralized, and become more stylish.

Look4: Skirt with knee boots

Many do not match the little fairy or jordan 4 the handicapped party, choose a good pair of knee boots will be able to help you solve many problems. In particular, black knee boots, as long as the mix of good, we can achieve the effect of lean skin was thin. Do not believe it, the little fairy can take a look at this body with a short jacket, very suitable for small to wear.

Look5: skirt with white shoes

The popularity of small white shoes, fairies should all be obvious to all. Throughout the year are able to control freely, and small white shoes with pleated skirts, youthful vitality, simple and lively style of clothing, vividly on the paper. Xiaobian for such a match, just want to give full marks.

Look6: skirt with canvas shoes

jordan sneakers Little fairy do not age, not suitable for canvas shoes, it is completely not pick the body and age, jordan 13 each wearing a canvas shoes, I feel back to the beautiful era of reading. Black skirt and canvas shoes with the compilation of winter romantic love letters.