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Snow boots wear a long time on the impact of the cleansing tips

?Snow boots, which is very comfortable, especially in the winter, that the warm effect is very strong, to see the snow boots for a long time on the impact of the feet which? Snow boots cleaning tips is how: snow boots wear a long time on the impact of the feet:

1, easy to make ankle injury and fatigue

Snow boots because the upper is high, thick, so that the ankle joint has become a force transmission, easy to make the ankle injury and fatigue, which is not in line with biological and biomechanical requirements.

2, easily lead to arch injury

Snow boots are generally more generous, if the shoes are larger than the size of the foot, the feet will slide back and forth in the shoes, the foot to the surrounding spread, feet around the other organizations do not force, walking by the arch effort, Large impact, which causes damage to the arch.

3, may cause foot deformity

Especially for the growth of young people will be greater damage, wear a long snow boots to walk, it is easy to become within the character, while the foot, ankle and even hips cause injury, induced tendonitis and fasciitis, long wear serious May cause foot deformity.

4, easily lead to foot odor, athlete's foot and other issues

Snow boots warm closed environment, easily lead to bacterial growth, a breeding ground for bacteria. Long wearing snow boots, because the foot is wrapped tightly and cause foot odor, sweat, and finally lead to repeated attacks of beriberi, is not conducive to the health of the feet.

5, leading to hallux valgus

Boots are mostly high-heeled children. Strictly speaking, the hallux valgus is not the exclusive disease of boots, but a common case of high heels. Because the heel is too high, will make the human body too much forward, foot pressure changes, likely to cause large toe valgus deformity. Severe hallux valgus requires surgical treatment. Early by self-traction or by means of small tools to do correction treatment. Such as a kind of "hallux valgus brace", because only at night to wear a little bit to correct the toes, does not affect the daytime life, in the treatment of universal use.

6, ankle tube syndrome

The foot is called the second heart of the body and plays an important role in the blood circulation of the body. Boots tube is very high, wrapped feet too tight, it will lead to the instep and ankle joint blood vessels, nerves are squeezed, easy to cause the foot, ankle and calf at the part of the organization of poor blood circulation, foot tendon sheath or nerve Inflammation and numbness, pain symptoms, which is the ankle tube syndrome. Remove the cause, that is, after the loose shoes, these problems in 1 to 2 weeks will be self-recovery. If the symptoms still exist, it is recommended to the hospital rehabilitation medicine to do physical therapy, such as heat, physical therapy and so on. Their own at home can also do hot compress, massage and other legs and foot to promote blood circulation, adjuvant therapy.

7, tinea pedis

As the high tube boots poor ventilation, walking the feet of the heat out of the heat can not be timely divergence, which gives an anaerobic bacteria, mold growth and reproduction provides a "hotbed", which easily lead to tinea pedis or other foot and other diseases The Remove these etiology, the most important thing is to change the footwear, wash your feet, and keep the feet dry. Once infected, can be selected under the guidance of a doctor for fungal infection ointment smear.

8, foot pain

Heavy snow boots are prone to not with the foot of the phenomenon. Counterfeit goods or poor snow boots are not based on foot shape design, easily deformed aliasing, wearing a walk always feel the shoes do not listen to the call, do not follow the footsteps, and to make shoes light is bound to spend great effort, so that the arch by the larger Of the impact, so the foot, ankle and even knees, buttocks, back waist and other injuries


Snow boots cleaning tips:

1, how to remove the snow boots accidentally stained with ink stains

If the snow boots accidentally stained with ink stains, you can use a knife, even scraping a certain amount of chalk powder covered in the stain, so that the powder pen powder stay in boots for a few minutes, and then beat off the above The end of the chalk, gently rub the stains at the Department. Repeat the above operation several times until the stain is almost completely eliminated. For very serious stains, MM can try to use the sandpaper gently wipe the stains or special cleaning velvet brush brush, but please note that this may make the stain at the original color of the sheep's skin a small amount of fade. (Available velvet leather refinitizer color, the effect of a new look)

2, how to remove rain spots

Sometimes when your shoes trampled on the ground when the water, the upper will be splashed on the water is stained with rain stains. Usually if you want to remove these rain spots, just have a place where the stains are folded up and let them rub against each jordans for sale other, so that the stains on both sides are rubbed against each other. (Available velvet leather refinitizer color, the effect of a new look)

3, how deodorant

Add two teaspoons of baked corn flour to the boots in two teaspoons to remove and cut off the smell in the boots. If you wish, you can add a few drops of essential oil in the just mixture, so that the shoes become fragrant. Pour the mixture into the boots and shake it, then stay inside. The next day the mixture shook and poured out.

Snow boots or do not wear too long, the shoes or to wear, snow boots are furry, or to clean will look good.