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So that you can easily hold together pants
Hot summer comes, many girls do not wear shorts because of the problem of thick legs. This time pants on the very favored by the girls. Pants long pants just cover the stout calf, revealing the most delicate part of the calf, while the thin body at the same time can make the body jordan 11 look taller.

Pure white wide leg pants + black strap with fine heels

Pure white fabric pants will have an innate temperament, fine with high heels and it with the prospective right. Pure white wide leg pants with a pair of high heels, easy to control the Royal sister style.

cheap jordans White Slim Pants + Black One Pedal Flat Slim Casual Shoes

If the design of the white wide leg to enhance the woman's temperament, then the self-cultivation is more casual taste. This loose pants new jordan shoes are not only easy to wear and easy legs, and then with the black casual shoes with people feel that life was so simple and comfortable.

Casual loose pants + black small shoes

Navy blue is now very popular fashion sense of the color, adding to the pants wide leg of the design, even more urban gorgeous style, then with the choice of shoes with more wild black models, neither preemption Limelight, but also to highlight the color display.

Cowboy wide leg pants + exposed toe high heels

Cowboy gives the impression that leisure, personality and fashion. So dark blue cotton and linen denim pants to join the black shoes, the sense of light will not feel boring.

Cowboy pockets + red pointed high heels

Holes are sexy and fashionable symbols, today is hot popular, it is added to the design of pants, but also new jordans immediately become the darling of the influx of women darling. A light blue hole denim pants with red pointed high heels to add a bit sexy and charming.