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Spring season new shoes struck, show the goddess charm

Wet weather reminds us that spring has come, in the face of the arrival of the new season, ladies can be busy, because we have an excuse to shop some! In addition to buy clothes, the ladies to buy, of course, shoes! Want to keep pace with the trend of the new season, then start before doing homework, so today for you fashion girls about 2017 spring and summer of 6 big hot shoes, ready to start new shoes, then may wish to refer to this list! Although the shoes are summarized as accessories, but it does not mean that they will only be able to play a supporting role, this spring and summer popular those who have exquisite details of the shoes, which amphibole, pearl style is particularly popular, after everyone's eyes must leave Open your feet! Spring and summer, of course, can not be less sandals, season to catch up jordan 10 with the trend can choose with the style, with the design to add a more elegant feeling. Want to walk from the road to stabilize and comfortable, probably two inches of the heel just right if you wear high heels for you there is a certain degree of difficulty, it is better to choose double short with it! But it is not a short rough with, but a short bucket zero, with a strong retro feeling, like a more fashionable, you can consider choosing a pair of pointed style.

To the number of hot new jordan shoes shoes this season, have to mention, and this season has new meaning, adding a little new elements, will be popular, pointed shoes boom continue to be popular! As mentioned before, shoes this season to become a protagonist! Because in addition to the details of the fine shoes, the season is also popular from the eye-catching flat sandals, can be plush design, it can jordans for sale be a big hit hit color, and even weaving national patterns, in short, is enough to eye! Like to wear white shoes you, this season can consider this! Because the popular wave of white shoes seems to fall back this season, replaced by white thick heels, with the same as the white wave shoes easy to lined!

7 personality sandals at the first glance gives a sweet and elegant visual sense, fashion personality dress, fashion do not pick the body, put on a beautiful curve, highlight the elegant temperament, simple and generous design, highlighting the personality of the United States, personality pinch embellishment, highlight Feminine charm, to create the crowd the most unique, jordan 10 most fashionable woman, to show their own different, add self-confidence. Summer sandals struck, is not arouse a lot of people, want to go to the beach to play, then this elegant atmosphere of sandals, at first glance can make people feel very general, one grade Zoran, the second is maverick, summer sandals You have a layer of fashion, but also enhance your temperament elongated your legs, let you burst the whole summer.