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Spring wear dress, with a single shoes to let you Xianqi

Spring flowers, and as a small flower of course, we are also anxious to show a wave of their own beauty, and this season, of course, never even a dress that every Mushrooms in the closet have been prepared in advance several several dress , But please do not forget the shoes with Oh Spring with a dress, the first choice of shoes, but every mushroom cool and like fashion, like a unique, so you have to know this year's single shoes fashion trends. Retro wind was Zhengsheng, smart sister have chosen a retro shoes, accompanied by dress or skirt, full of literary Fan, upper body as beautiful as the next little girl grow into the lovely and lovely

It is very elegant and durable, the first layer of pig skin inside, the taste of the skin, the texture of the delicate and natural, color fresh and elegant, showing elegant wind rhyme, to create elegant temperament; leather material, after careful screening, good flexibility and comfort, Good ventilation, wear comfortable, and carefully care of your feet; tendon outsole, soles non-slip texture, grip more firmly, flexible and lightweight. Round contours excellent shoes body, put on the foot is jordan 11 very able to modify the foot type, it is very rounded, the color of leather can wear a sense of quality, the use of hand-wipe process, more flavor; high-quality first layer of pigskin Inside the breathable sweat, closer to the skin; high-quality rubber soft bottom, non-slip wear, 180 degree bending more grip; word buckle sets of feet, more their own style.

Hollow shoes, fashionable breathable, exquisite and elegant technology, to bring all consumers comfortable to enjoy; very elegant hollow shoes, flat design piercing the street is absolutely not comfortable feet extremely comfortable; use of high-quality leather fabric, soft leather smooth, Wearing comfortable; inside the use of polymer breathable design, comfortable antibacterial, breathable, ease the exercise fatigue. It is a classic charm of a single shoes, selected high-quality first layer of leather, hand-cut flowers, embellishment vamp, elegant atmosphere; breathable pig skin inside, breathable, keep the shoes dry; buckle design, Design, leather material, anti-shoes off; remove the buckle wearing, simple and elegant, more elegant, with buckle feet, Sen Department of literature and art, add literary atmosphere.

The first layer of sheep wax skin, skin selection leather delicate, stained after the professional wax polishing treatment; each team are hand-wiping color, color design so that the baby is more complex texture, layered; , The soles of the feet is the ultra-fiber heel is the sheep wax skin; comfortable soft bottom, foldable, suitable for long wear, flat shoes, how long will not wear tired

The use of imports of the first layer of leather, a whole piece of leather in one go without splicing, very cost but the advantages of special comfort, worry-free splicing trouble, wearing foot feeling light and soft. Simple casual shoes, soft and comfortable soles made of rubber, can be used with a variety of clothes. Shallow mouth scoop shoes, lazy pedal, every woman should have a pair of wild shoes. The