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Still wearing a small white shoes? Do not be low to tie the fashion

I believe that every sister is more like with the shoes is a small white shoes, no matter what clothes to wear, are very wild one, but wearing a few years of small white shoes, it is time to change the fashion. 2017 popular trend has been offset, the street shoot people are no longer a small white shoes, and now there is a bound fashion, both ladies, but also with a little bit of personality rebellious feeling! Girls for the dedication of the shoes, I feel like a centipede feet look like, you can have a lot of feet, you can wear a variety of beloved shoes! Spring is coming, the summer is not far away, all kinds of shoes contend for the moment! Fire for two years still invincible strap shoes, this year is still stand out from a variety of shoes. Daily wear we can choose flat shoes style, like a t-shirt + jeans is the most basic daily match, but if with a flat tie shoes, simple and ordinary dress out with a little playful cute.

With a dress or a half skirt can still be, the details of the local strap design, even the flat heels, but also bring out the charming and elegant girls, but also without losing youth! Some tall girls will choose the majority of flat jordans for sale shoes, because wearing high heels, then there may be higher than their boyfriend, which is jordan 12 embarrassing. This flat shoes leather soft, walking time will not retro jordans feel the soles are very hard Pointed design, make the feet look more slender. If you do not like leather material, you can choose velvet fabric, this than the cortex fabric will be more soft. This shoe will be less than the previous tie, more simple and convenient. Workplace commuter OL women, high heels is tantamount to their indispensable weapons in the workplace. Remove the monotonous style, a pair of high-heeled shoes, can make you feminine, self-confidence also doubled!

The thin strap on the back of the foot can be very good extension of the legs of the lines, to create a more slender legs, straps feet out sexy. If you add some decoration on the strap, which is undoubtedly icing on the cake! I believe that no girls do not know high heels can pull long leg type can be thin If the legs are not very fine girls, do not recommend wearing flat shoes, you can try this high-heeled strap shoes, lengthening the legs line is also very feminine. With pants or dress are no problem. Legs more white girls may wish to try this nude color or white high heels, make legs more attractive. And nude color is also very jordan 11 good with the clothes, regardless of dress or daily equipment can wear such shoes.