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Summer modeling essential to buy a few pairs of shoes is enough?
After a summer to prepare a few pairs of shoes is enough? It seems that there is no conclusion, different people have different needs Moreover, the girls did not have a quasi-shoes, both to be able to match the long skirt, but also can be accompanied by hot shorts, so one is not simple A few pairs of sandals will be able to get everything.

One, small white shoes

jordan 13 In the summer, people's feet are colorful, in order to look cool and dynamic, we really fight. Want to change the summer shoes to wear double, but the colorful shoes do not know which election, it is better to simply come to a pair of small white shoes. jordans on sale You see, small white shoes is always a fire over any fashionable people ins and friends circle.

Second, the word with sandals

Woman's wardrobe can not be missing a little black dress. Rdquo; put this summer, cheap jordans we are afraid to say: a woman's shoe can not be less a pair of words with sandals. Last year the fire over the world of the word with sandals, yes, this year it will continue to popular!

The simpler the easier it is to make the classic, which is also the word that is called ldquo; sandals for small black skirts. This kind of shoes is simple but unusually sexy, but also a long leg weapon, directly to the legs extended to the toes.

Three, cat heels

To say that this summer the most young girl heart, and small and exquisite choice, cat with heel; small fine fine like a kitten tiptoe, it is the image. It is not an ordinary high heels, but in the fine with the height but has a strict height limit, usually between 3.5 cm -4.75 cm.

And this pair of shoes is brush burst friends circle. This jordans for cheap pair of high heel is not high, even if it is not wearing high heels girls can easily control.

This heart-shaped color of the cat heels, it can be said that the girl was full of heart. Pink and red with, not only will not appear yellow skin color, but also to brighten the complexion. With a light dress is very good LOOK Oh ~