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Summer shoes not too much, there are 3 enough to match!

In many people's minds, slippers don't seem to be on the countertop, and it is simply insulated from fashion. But since Rihanna wore it, he unconsciously got fired. Later, the major luxury brands also launched sportswear slippers, in addition to this sport, many luxury brands also followed out of fashion, this pair of pearl slippers, very eye-catching.

cheap jordans for sale There are one or two pairs of such slippers, and sometimes you don't know what to wear when you are in a hurry, you can get a kick on it, be comfortable with it, and reduce all kinds of boring. Privately thought that the most beautiful look of slippers and skirts, many bloggers have demonstrated, in the summer is also very much the scene. You can choose a unique style of slippers, with a loose casual shirt, T-shirt, wide leg pants are all kinds of lazy, casual style leisure fashion children.

In the past, slippers that were considered to go out to buy food and go out have now been transformed into showpieces that demonstrate skill. It can only be said that this is where the trend is fun, and there is no certain rule.

Word Band

Words with sandals are simply the "evergreens" of the sandals world. Every summer, there is a fire. Almost all female stars wear it. Because it is really super invincible, it is particularly high. Whether it's commuting to work or shopping on a date, it's not an exaggeration to prepare 10 pairs of pants or skirts. The most important thing is that it does not sneeze in the summer cool, simply can not pick any shortcomings, so that a pair of shoes will not feel out of date 10 years.

Flat shoes

Every girl needs a pair of flat-bottomed flat shoes. Whether it's a subway bus that goes to work or a late trot to go to school, how can a pair of flat-bottomed flat shoes be avoided?

Regardless of your daily style, there is always a pair of lightweight flat shoes in the shoe cupboard. It also has not been outdated, usually go out to play, need to go a long way, and replace them with uncomfortable shoes.

Most want to recommend or small white shoes, easy retro jordans for sale and comfortable to go to the street where to go, fashion all-match skirts and pants all ok, a pair of small white shoes will be able to jordan 12 get jordan 13 all the spring and summer mix.

In the hot summer, white shoes and denim singles are best paired, put on a white shirt, bag on the United States and the United States, a stylish commuter outfit easy to complete. And the small white shoes are very cost-effective, wear-resistance and wear-resistance. They can be worn for a long time.