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The color of a pair of shoes, you decide to match with today's unsuccessful
Do not underestimate the role of shoes in the overall dress jordan 4 up ~ ~ it can be directly related to your whole body with a successful or not ~ ~ a pair of shoes is not the color you wear pants match, you know the basic criteria The

First said that the black lace leather shoes, black lace shoes give calm, rules, restrained impression. Usually appear in the more formal occasions, with formal clothing, such as dress or suit. With a formal dress or a suit, be sure to pay attention to suit, black shoes and socks to color the color system, to highlight the integrity of the integrity. Of course, in the usual dress, black tie shoes best with black pants or gray new jordans or dark blue pants or midnight blue for the best.

Monks shoes in the light brown models, monk shoes is a very wild style shoes, regardless of your usual dress style is a suit or a handsome jacket or casual cotton linen, this shoe can be easily with. This shoe, light brown is the most popular, almost with the machine without blind spots, if you cheap jordan shoes know a little bit with the basic method, then the minutes of the British style of the wind out of the ~

No blind area with brown music shoes, because Lok Fu shoes wear easy, so it is easy to give people lazy feeling, as long as the formal dress to avoid basic no problem, especially the black formal suit or dress. Brown shoes more wild, but also the most easily with a sense of elegant sexy gentleman feel. Even if you are wearing an ordinary jeans, but also instantly raise the lazy index ~ ~ ~ This is one of the most comfortable shoes ~ ~ ~ let you with no pressure, regardless of your wardrobe style of clothing will not Will be very LOW, simple casual pants, cotton and underwear can be with it. In some special occasions, you have a pair of wine red Oxford shoes to support the scene, Oxford shoes, the most popular retro lace shoes, especially wine red, deep and rich in a strong flavor inside.

buy jordans Many years only in the details of a slight change in the small changes, the basic models and the taste contained therein has not changed. Elegant classical, gentleman extravagant feeling in the moment you put it on the upper body success.

Long-winded a few words: this shoe is the most elegant workmanship, so pay attention to the shoes although it is worth owning, but it is definitely a very burned, because only workmanship "Department of famous door" shoes, to enrich it Should have some charm, from the material to the needle and thread, every detail can be measured out ~ ~

So, when you do not have a fine suit or full of confidence do not just wear Oh ~ ~ ~